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Big Data and Storytelling – The Necessary Duo In Healthcare

On Oct. 10 at the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) conference in the District of Columbia, I presented a workshop with Mark Clark, Healthgrades vice president of strategic development, called: “Your Data Wants To Talk–How Can You Hear It?” Impressively, the entire conference was focused on this topic, paralleling SHSMD’s recent report, […]

How Are Urgent Care Centers Changing the Doctor-Patient Relationship

As corporate anthropologists and culture change consultants, we’re immersed in research on the growing appeal of urgent care centers (UCCs) and what they can teach us about the changing healthcare landscape. While it’s too early to make final conclusions based on our current sample of UCC patients at several Northeast facilities, our qualitative observations have […]

How to Fix Hospital Call Centers to Improve the Patient Experience, Boost Revenue

I’ve worked with hospitals to improve patient satisfaction rates for years and we’ve seen that the first stop in the patient’s journey – the call center – can set the tone for the rest of the experience. If it’s positive, it can engender comfort among patients that’s further supported during appointments and treatment. Read More […]

Are Urgent Care Centers Brands or Commodities

As I observe the extraordinary growth of urgent care centers (UCCs), I am seeing some important changes taking place, both in the customer experience and in the range of services offered. These changes are raising important questions for leaders of UCCs, namely, “Are we just ‘another outlet’ offering fast, convenient care like the ones down […]

What Hospital Leaders Should Know About Urgent Care Centers

I have been working with a hospital’s urgent care centers to address the emerging issue of how to create experiences that are differentiating and of value to their customers. Not patients–customers. Already, there are 26 urgent care centers in the urban-suburban area this hospital serves, with lots more coming soon. Talk about competition! Read More […]

What Are Healthcare Marketers Doing To Capture And Delight Customers

In research conducted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions (discussed in my second blog), market segments were identified that were the most likely to search for healthcare information online. These segments were named “out and about” (those who seek out and use alternative, non-Western medicine, often without the knowledge of their clinicians); “online and […]

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