Why is a corporate anthropologist focused on rethinking women in business?

If you are a business owner or manager, male or female, how can SAMC help you with recruiting, retaining, developing, and empowering women as effective members of your team, as leaders and innovators? If you are a woman entrepreneur, could a little anthropology help you see your business opportunities through a fresh lens?

This is the perfect time to find out.

“If you cannot see it, you cannot be it.”

My second book, Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business, released in 2021, grew out of our work with Washington University in St. Louis, culminating in my husband Andrew and myself founding the Simon Initiative for Entrepreneurship at Washington University’s Skandalaris Center. At SAMC, we are particularly interested in helping women entrepreneurs take their developing ideas and turn them into booming businesses. One recurring unmet need we see is that aspiring entrepreneurs want to meet successful women who can be their role models. Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, once said: “If you cannot see it, you cannot be it.” That was the exact need these women at Washington University expressed to us when the Simon Initiative was coming together.

Could we help them see what they could become?

Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business

Now’s the time to speak up, step out, break through, and redefine what society has always told you were women’s true capabilities.

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Further, faster through collaboration

As I was writing Rethink, I became involved with the Women Business Collaborative  (WBC), a young, fast-growing collaboration of women and organizations, corporations, and non-profits. All of these women have a joint mission, just like my own. Can we together push the needle further and faster for women in business, in their careers, in boardrooms and C-suites, as entrepreneurs, professionals and career-minded executives? 

Yes, we can.

With a little support, women can soar

At SAMC, a large portion of our client engagements, coaching and programs are designed to help women find the role models they need. Our focus is on supporting women as they venture into their own businesses or into corporate positions. As executive coaches, we encourage women to achieve C-suite positions, and we collaborate with female executives to create companies with purpose.

This is a time to live diversity, equity and inclusion, not just dream it.

Here are several programs we’ve developed to help women push forward in their personal and professional lives:

Business / Culture Change

As part of our coaching and consulting engagements, we work to help organizations create the right cultures to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. In fast-changing times, all employees need a culture that aligns with their skills and styles. We work with individuals and organizations to build your talent and develop the best environment for all employees to thrive. Without culture change, it is difficult for a woman to see what she can become. Knowing that she belongs to an organization which is in tune with a supportive culture is key. Please reach out to us about our approach to business change using the thinking of anthropology to gain a unique perspective.


Our website www.AndiSimon.com provides tools, resources and extensive information for women to help them find their path, including links to my two books.

Rethink Your Journey Course

Our online course, Rethink Your Journey, offers self-guided material, the support of group roundtables, and individual 1:1 coaching to enable and encourage women to pause, step back and rethink where they are today and where they are going. Together, we help them get to their goals.

Annual Rethink Women In Business Conference

In collaboration with WBC, we host an annual Rethink Women In Business Conference each May. This conference convenes leading thought leaders, business executives and trailblazing entrepreneurs to share the trends, innovations and mounting evidence that we are transforming the opportunities for women in the workplace.

On the Brink with Andi Simon Podcast

Our podcast, On the Brink with Andi Simon, was created in 2017 to bring the voices of forward-looking entrepreneurs, thinkers, authors, inventors, executive coaches and Blue Ocean Strategists, women and men, to our audience. With over 300 sessions and counting and a growing universe of listeners, On the Brink commands a highly engaged global audience and ranks among the top 5% of podcasts worldwide.

Time to create an organization that embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion?

Women are rethinking what they can achieve. They are driving change in organizations across the globe. Are you ready to change your organization so all your employees, men and women, can reach their fullest potential? As experts in helping organizations adapt to these fast-changing times, we are ready to help you rethink what women can do, how to engage with a diverse workforce, and how to build the best culture for your future.

How can we help you Rethink Women?

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The SAMC Book Collection

We can share with you so many of our stories. Our books are designed to help you re-think your story for today and imagine what it could be for the future.

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