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  • Two Incredible Women Who Are Succeeding In A Man's World

                                                                               Photo courtsey of Alana Holmberg for The New York Times Last week my wife Andi Simon wrote a blog about a pioneering early entry in the women’s rights movement, Christine Grant, who […]

  • How To Find The Capital That Will Fuel Your Big Idea

    The partners of Simon Associates Management Consultants are committed to helping young entrepreneurs, and particularly women entrepreneurs, take their ideas and turn them into successful business ventures. As part of our effort, in 2018 we started the Simon Initiative for Entrepreneurship through […]

  • These Women Are Refusing To Let Anything Hold Them Back

    Photo courtesy of Jake Pollock/NY Times In soccer. In football. In basketball. Now in ski patrols. More and more, women today are breaking barriers and smashing glass ceilings in fields that traditionally have been men-only, not just in sports but across all disciplines: business, politics, […]

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