Want to Change? Have a Crisis or Create One!

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Ready To Change?

Since even before the Great Recession of 2008, we have been working with clients that have become “stalled.” They were having really good years of growth but then, suddenly (or not so suddenly) things stalled! We were asked, “Could you help us find new markets, revive faltering ones, use Blue Ocean Strategy® to create new market space—or just please help?”

Often we tell clients that if you want to change, have a crisis or create one. I only hope we are not finding ourselves facing another crisis in the U.S. economy as the 2016 world economy is faltering.

How to sustain growth in changing times, before there is a crisis?

There is excellent research by Steve McKee documenting the frequency with which even large Fortune 100 companies have faced a major revenue stall point.

Whether the near-term economic challenges are going to cause companies to rethink their strategies and their cultures is unclear. Yet, everywhere we speak we see the pressures growing. This may be a very good time for you to think about how to drive change.

It comes down to strategy and organizational culture along with new forms of capturing and creating demand using Inbound marketing. Not surprising!

How do you “Drive Change”?

From our SAMC client experiences and relevant research, we are lazer-focused on “Driving Change. Most companies take pride in the stability of their processes and the values and behaviors that their well-established cultures have provided. Today, however, they are challenged to sustain growth or leapfrog over the competition to open a new market space with innovative thinking and new solutions.

These typical slow-down issues are:

  • the loss of RFPs
  • a circular customer base, with new customers not replacing those that left
  • pricing pressures as the company and their services become commodities
  • changes in the way people and companies are using the internet to buy the products and services they need
  • consolidation of companies as mergers and acquisitions take place, often leaving smaller companies without their former clients

I could go on. But the challenge is how to sustain a company’s growth when the times are changing? And they are changing fast and faster.

How Do We Help Your Company Innovate?

At SAMC, we help clients “see, feel and think” with new eyes before they redesign their business strategy or deal with their company’s culture—two areas on which we concentrate.

We help companies get that new company growing again in three ways:

  1. Strategic support. We are trained practitioners in Blue Ocean Strategy. Blue Ocean Strategic thinking – the theory, methods, and tools – are designed to keep companies thriving during changing times. We have conducted over 250 workshops and dozens of client engagements to help companies, large and small, change their strategies to seek new markets, find unmet needs and realize that there are lots of nonusers who could really use them.
  2. Culture change. As corporate anthropologists, we understand the power of corporate cultures. When businesses are trying to adapt to new environments the stability of their old cultures can often become the anchor that keeps them from moving forward. We use the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (ocai-online.com) to help them assess their current culture and determine what they would like it to become. Then we use a 10-step process to help that culture change process actually take place.
  3. Inbound Marketing. Too often we find that the task of creating and capturing new demand is elusive. The marketing and branding methods of the past were good for the past. If a company is going to change and open a new market space they need new ways to market. Inbound Marketing is just that. A way to help companies capturing those who are searching for their solutions through multi-media channels. As HubSpot certified partners we work with our clients to help them strategically focus on the right buyer personas and develop the right inbound campaigns and content marketing to capture those who are searching for them. And, it really works. Read more about Inbound Marketing in these blogs and on the site.

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