How Do You Build A Better Corporate Culture?

In today’s business environment, what worked for decades suddenly doesn’t. Faced with ever-accelerating technological advances, the unique challenges of hybrid workforces, and the increasingly adamant demands from a new generation of employees as to how, when and where they want to work, companies are searching for a new “culture.” Or even before that, asking “What is a culture?”

From CEOs to managers to team leaders, everyone’s wanting to know how to define their old culture, reinvent a new one, and develop a framework that fits not only their present business model, customers’ needs and staff, but those of the future as their goals evolve.

What is a business culture, anyway?

The simplest answer is “The way you do things.” Your company’s culture is the mindset of the people you are working with and who are working with you. They have a collection of sacred stories in their minds about the way things should get done. Their habits lead them to manifest those behaviors every day in the same way. As they go about their jobs, they might play different roles in your organization, as if they are living out their professional story, similar to acting out different characters in a play. From these roles come recurring patterns of behaviors. If you pause for a moment, step back, and watch a day in the life of your business, you will hear those conversations, observe the interactions, and begin to see how things “really” get done.

You might like what you see, or you may not.

Address the challenge with a fresh approach.

With changing demands on an organization, and perhaps changes in leadership, questions typically arise about the effectiveness of the old culture and its ability (or inability) to drive the organization forward. Yet, business leaders often aren’t sure what that culture is today, much less what they would like it to become in the future. Nor do they know how to get it there.

That’s when it’s time to contact us.

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SAMC’s anthropologists can help!

At Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC), we are corporate anthropologistswho work with the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI), a culture assessment tool developed at the University of Michigan by Dr. Kim Cameron and Dr. Robert Quinn and which is offered by a group in the Netherlands with whom we are affiliated.

The OCAI allows a company to evaluate its business culture as it is now, then identify what leadership and staff would like it to become in the future. Once that has been completed, we help the company instigate the changes needed to shift its organizational culture. This is a process that requires time and metrics so that we can tell if it is moving in the right direction and generating the desired results. Organizations are changing their story. Equally important, they are asking their people to change their daily behaviors, their beliefs and their values. This is big stuff. It is hard and it takes time, but it can be done successfully with the right guidance and support.

Ready to change your culture and create a better business?

At SAMC, we are culture change experts who specialize in helping companies and the people who work for them assess their organizational culture and business model today and start a journey toward the culture they want and need for tomorrow. We invite you to contact us to discuss how our team of corporate anthropologists and business change management advisors can suggest ways you and your business can change your culture to capitalize on today’s many challenges to achieve greater success.

How can we help you re-think your organization?

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