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Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae and guest Andi Simon – The Simon Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs (7/13/2021) - Andi Simon joins the Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae Podcast to discuss The Simon Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs Listen Now
7 Ways to Create a Really Inclusive Workplace (7/8/2021) - Many people, it seems, are all for gender equity, diversity, and an inclusive workplace. Yet, in most cases, it is just not happening. According to Andi Simon, PhD, author of Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business, “fatigue” is a good word to capture the challenges that people have when it is time for [...]
Women face a myriad of injustices; can a better world emerge? (7/8/2021) - What does it say about our culture when moms and their children are facing unbearable pain and trauma during the pandemic? This crisis has simply amplified the way women in the U.S. are undervalued, or not valued at all. While it is widely known that America lags far behind all other industrialized countries in paid [...]
10 Signs You’re Highly Intelligent, According To Experts (7/8/2021) - When you think of highly intelligent people, chances are, specific types come to mind. For instance, people who seem to know random facts about everything, or people who solve math equations in their head at lightning speed. But the truth is, you don’t really need to have a high IQ Read More
How Female Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Barriers And Find Success Post-Pandemic (7/8/2021) - Winston Churchill once said: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” The optimist in me sees so many opportunities in the world for women entrepreneurs as we emerge from the pandemic. Before the COVID-19 crisis, women-owned 40% of the businesses in the U.S., Read More
How anthropology can drive insights from your customer data (7/8/2021) - Digital marketing is great at analyzing what customers want and how they buy it. But for every data scientist who crunches the numbers, you might also need an anthropologist to sharpen your marketing insights… Read more
How Do You Smash The Myths Of Women In Business? Change Workplace Culture. (7/8/2021) - I was recently a guest speaker on the Entrepreneur MBA podcast with Stephen Halasnik, and what we talked about was really significant. Yes, we discussed my new book, Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business, but we also delved into how the old ways of viewing gender… Read More
BHP84: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business with Andi Simon (7/7/2021) - Be Heard Podcast Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D. (“Andi”) is an international leader in corporate anthropology, and award-winning author of On the Brink: A fresh lens to take your business to new heights, and Smashing the Myths of Women in Business. Her podcast, On the Brink with Andi Simon, is ranked among the top 200 business [...]
“On The Brink” Press Release (7/5/2016) - Andi Simon’s new book launches today! We are pleased to announce that Dr. Andi Simon’s new book, “On the Brink” was released today at major retailers today. NEW YORK, NY – JULY 5, 2016 – Innovation has become such a ubiquitous value, it’s in danger of becoming cliché. Companies frequently talk about it as the [...]
Why Is Growing Harder Than Shrinking (6/3/2016) - At several of our recent workshops, we have heard a groan coming from CEOs and particularly their executives, about how much harder it is to grow than it was to fire people and shrink expenses. But why is growing harder than shrinking? The times, they are a-changin’, again, and there seem to be some common [...]


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