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Traditional Communication Isn’t Enough – Use Entertainment Education To Fight Ebola

The World Health Organization declared the 2014 outbreak of Ebola in Africa an extraordinary event. Experts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cite crisis communication as critical in stemming the outbreak. The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative’s Health COMpass has made social and behavior change communication materials publicly available. Read More Here

Transparency Plays Important Role in Value-Based Healthcare Decisions

At a time when the need to respond to dramatically changing times is particularly acute, the pressure is on for the once staid and stable world of healthcare to develop a new found culture of innovation. A common question during CEO workshops we conduct is: “How many of you have innovative cultures in your companies?” […]

Finding New Meaningful Financial Metrics For Hospitals Post-Reform

Given the ongoing changes following the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there has been some preliminary discussion around the need for new metrics, and contemporary best practices, as hospitals shift from volume to value. Similar to all new metrics, they can be challenging to determine. But that shouldn’t prevent people in […]

Can Innovation Games Really Help You Do Serious Work In Healthcare

With all the pressure these days on healthcare administrators to realign their organizations fast and often in order to thrive, or even just survive, perhaps what is needed is to “play” a little more. Serious play, using proven, insight­-producing Innovation Games®, is one of the best ways we have found to help all levels of […]

3 Steps To Create Hospital Culture Of Innovation

Recently, we received a large number of inquiries about our last several blogs here at Hospital Impact. In particular, people are interested in how they can create a culture of innovation in their organization. They’re also interested in why it’s so hard to get people to become more innovative, creative and capable problem solvers. Times […]

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