Leadership in Fast Changing Times

Over the past decade, many of our clients have asked us to help them develop better leaders for their organizations. During fast-changing times, leading others requires different skill sets then might have been required in more stable business environments.

Hierarchical, top-down approaches might be the best solution for some businesses and corporate cultures. For others, more collaborative, creative, and empowering leadership styles are essential to be effective. 

The right leaders for today’s times

So how do you change your organization’s leadership styles and build the skills required to have the right leaders for a new generation of employees, new technological systems, shifting customer needs, and evolving business environments?

This is exactly the question that propelled us to develop our programs. In collaboration with our clients, we have crafted several types of leadership development programs — Leadership Academies — and individualized coaching programs. Some are full-year programs, others are multi-day retreats. Many are virtual or hybrids with some in-person sessions.

These programs emerged from our work in corporate culture and our coaching programs. Clients’ specific needs guide us as we customize a program for their current and future leaders. Within each program, we also focus on followership, since impactful, influential leaders are only effective if they can inspire others to follow them.

Designed with collaborative ideas and insights, each of our programs delivers exceptional results for individuals and their organizations.

Additional Topics on Leadership

Major themes of our leadership programs:

What is a leader today, how have leaders evolved in different societies and times, and are leaders crucial for specific types of organizations? Do entrepreneurial organizations have different leadership requirements than well-established enterprise systems?

What is an individual’s personal and professional goals so that the development program can be tailored to their desires and the organization’s requirements?

How do you lead in fast-changing times where the need for agility and flexibility tests a leader’s ability to adjust quickly and redirect when necessary?

Each organization’s culture influences the way it envisions its leadership roles. How do leaders develop in different cultures?

Defining and implementing a business strategy is essential for a leader’s job. This role is an area of critical importance in our leadership development programs.

For many organizations, one major focus is on developing the women leaders of tomorrow. Another is on building leaders for an organization which embraces and leverages diversity and inclusion.

It’s all about culture

At SAMC, we intentionally weave our work in culture and culture change into our engagements with organizational development. Our focus on successful leadership cultivation demonstrates our expertise as corporate anthropologists who help organizations change. 

Whether you are interested in a workshop on leading in fast-changing times or a full-year Leadership Academy, contact us to discuss our approach and how to customize it for your specific needs.

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