Reading The Future: Andrea Simon Featured in Vistage 2015 Trend Report

Andrea-SimonDoes your business have the technological, marketing and corporate culture competencies that 2015 is going to demand? Are you prepared to compete for savvy, highly socially-connected consumers? Will your company be a driving force, or forced out by the coming year’s marketplace trends?

Learn what’s on the horizon in Vistage 2015 Trend Report

Top industry experts share their insights with Vistage in a 2015 forecast on leveraging emerging trends in technology, marketing, sales, human resources, and corporate culture to strengthen and grow business, entitled “5 Ways to Fuel Massive Growth in 2015.”

“From widespread use of smart technology to the hub of social networks steering consumerism and workforce productivity alike, 2015 is gearing up to change the way we do business in an unprecedented way,” the Report contends.

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Andrea Simon emphasizes shift from outbound to inbound marketing

Prominently featured on page 5 of the Trend Report’s Marketing section are the comments of Andrea Simon, Ph.D., Vistage speaker and Principal/Founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC).

According to Dr. Simon, “2015 is going to experience a tectonic shift across all industries and market sectors from a dependence upon outbound marketing and cold-calling sales to a new appreciation for inbound marketing and a pull in the ability to capture people who are looking for a service and/or product.”

What’s going to be different about 2015

The question to be answered in the coming year, she stresses, is: “How can businesses provide the type of non-intrusive, credible, on-demand marketing strategies so that those people who are looking for their services or products are attracted to their website and social media?”

“It’s less about pushing for sales, and more about finding those that are looking, and helping them make the right decision to choose your business for their solution,” Dr. Simon observes.

80 million millennials have come of age and are set to enter the workforce

Are you ready to employ them, retain them, and capture their enormous buying power? If not, this report will help get you there.

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