How Storytelling Can Transform Your Culture And Energize Your Team

What if each of your employees felt really appreciated, an integral part of the team? And what if these positive feelings then translated into better performance, higher output, more idea generation and greater company profit? Wouldn’t that be great!

We all want that, right? But these things don’t just happen on their own—they’re nurtured by a positive company culture, one that values and champions every staff member, no matter their position. Many companies already have this kind of culture in place. Do you? If not, do you know how to get it?

For a little guidance, a recent article in offers four strategies, all focusing on storytelling, and one of them even comes from me. (You can read the full article here.)

Storytelling is a great way to change your company culture

Throughout human history, telling stories has been a way to unite individuals, groups and broad societies. The stories we tell each other are important ways we share the things we think are important. This sharing is an essential part of a culture, from the symbols we use in our language to the content of the stories. This content—the shared values, beliefs and behaviors of a culture—is what has helped us adapt and survive over our evolutionary history.

In a company, the stories that are shared usually have to do with “the way we do things here,” from the best ways to get your work done to how to dress to how you’re expected to conduct yourself at the office. This is your culture.

And to a great extent, your culture is your brand. It is what your people do when no one is watching. It is what they believe you expect of them as part of your organization. It might also reflect what they like to do, regardless of whether or not it is consistent with your values, beliefs and expected actions. 

In addition, your employees’ personal brand is shared with others around them and thus becomes their common style. People are mimics and will look at their colleagues to see what they are doing so that they are part of the team, not outliers or entrepreneurs doing their jobs in solo.

Stories and storytelling are the prime ways all of these things are tied together.

At the end of the day, change is all about the story.

The words which you and your staff use when you tell each other stories will have meaning but won’t galvanize in people’s minds until they see your whole company living them. So to change your company culture, start with your “culture story” and keep telling it, sharing it and living it, because that’s where change will start.

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Could your business benefit from some powerful storytelling?

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