Healthcare Inbound Marketing To Engage Your Patients

GiraffeTrends from the Trenches” Webinar Series Demonstrates The Latest Techniques To Help Healthcare Pros Gain A Competitive Edge

NEW YORK, NY – January 5, 2015: Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC) will kickoff the 2015 season of its popular webinar series, Healthcare Innovation: Trends from the Trenches, with a webinar at noon ET, on Friday, January 16, entitled: Inbound Marketing: Engage Them And They Will Come.

SAMC Founder/CEO Andrea Simon, Ph.D., the creator of the webinar series, will co-host the inbound marketing webinar with Healthgrades Sr. Director, Enterprise Solutions Corey Smith. Together, they will explain how inbound marketing is quickly becoming a very necessary strategy to implement to help ensure that 2015’s healthcare organizations grow.

“These are challenging times for hospital leaders,” said Simon, a corporate anthropologist and a former hospital executive. “The economics of healthcare are radically changing for many reasons and hospitals are operating on razor-thin margins. Given this complicated and competitive environment, how do you attract and retain those patients you need and serve them well? One answer is the power of inbound marketing.”

Those who attend the free, one-hour webinar will learn must-know elements of inbound and outbound marketing strategy and how these are deployed to maximum benefit by a healthcare institution. They’ll also discover what’s on the horizon for healthcare marketing in the near and distant future, and the very latest on what CEOs now expect from marketing. To register now, click here.

“As hospital professionals are trying to form new best practices following ACA reforms, and consumers are making healthcare decisions by searching the web for the most inexpensive and convenient solutions, marketers in hospitals need to embrace inbound marketing,” said Smith. “These marketers need to adapt to the new ways that patients are making their decisions online, successfully intercepting those potential patients before the competition does.”

Smith has extensive industry experience, holding leadership roles in sales, strategic marketing, product marketing, corporate accounts, and research & development. At Healthgrades, he specializes in providing leadership to health systems in the development and implementation of strategies related to revenue management, data/business intelligence, population health management, quality improvement, enhanced physician alignment and patient relationship improvement.

His current focus is helping health systems significantly grow their preferred patient customer base.

CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, and other healthcare marketers are encouraged to attend the webinar. To see more about this topic, click here.

Additional webinars slated for 2015, include: Today’s Patient: Are You Ready For Her? on Feb. 13, with Stephen Moegling, a partner at Franklin Street; and “Robotics, Machine Intelligence and the Future of Hospitals,” on April 24, 2014, with Donald G. Bellefeuille, healthcare strategist and director, NBBJ.

For more information on the popular webinar series, go to:, where SlideShare presentations of past webinars can be downloaded.

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