Fifth “Trends From The Trenches” Webinar Explored The Ways Providers & Payers Can Succeed Amid An Increasingly Expensive & Complicated Marketplace


For the fifth webinar in the popular series, Healthcare Innovation: Trends From The Trenches, Andrea Simon, Ph.D., anthropologist and CEO/Founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants, teamed up with Margaret J. Davino, Partner, Kaufman, Borgeest & Ryan, to present “The Changing Healthcare Marketplace and How Providers and Payers Are Collaborating to Adapt, which aired March 14, 2014.

photo-of-Andi-tan-top-239x300 Andrea Simon, Ph.D.

In this highly-watched session, Dr. Simon and Ms. Davino addressed the many questions that continue to arise as institutions and patients adjust to the many changes emerging from the Affordable Care Act, including how providers and payers can set themselves up for success given the changing reimbursement and expenditures seen in today’s evolving marketplace.

Margaret J. Davino Margaret J. Davino

Ms. Davino has been involved with physician-hospital contracts, affiliation and/or service contracts, employment agreements, managed care issues, bylaws and governance matters, regulatory compliance, medical staff affairs, establishing physician practices, as well as mergers and the formation of hospital systems. The biggest part of her practice at the current time is relationships and collaborations between various providers, including physicians, super-groups, hospitals and others.

“We are delighted to have had Margaret Davino as our co-host for this webinar, as she has been recognized every year since 2007 as one of the best healthcare attorneys in New York City,” Dr. Simon stated afterward. “Margaret sees all sides of the latest healthcare issues, as she represents physicians contemplating the sale of their practices to hospitals and hospitals seeking advice on purchasing physicians’ practices.”

Ms. Davino gave webinar listeners a crucial insider’s look at the relationships between hospitals, physicians and other providers, describing how these relationships are changing as part of the new Affordable Care Act landscape. She also discussed newly-created structures being used for providers and payers to work together, including accountable care organizations (ACOs), and the effect that the changing relationships are having on prices and on relationships with payers/insurance companies.

“Right now there are several different models of collaboration between hospitals and physicians that are important to understand for everyone in the healthcare field,” Ms. Davino explained. “I talked about how these models affect reimbursement, how patients are impacted and what everyone from hospital administrators to physicians to patients can expect in the future.”

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