Fierce Healthcare Features Andrea Simon Blog “Use Blogs To Manage Your Healthcare Brand”

Andrea-SimonThe online healthcare information source FierceHealthcare featured a recent blog by Andrea Simon entitled, “Use blogs to manage your healthcare brand.” In her blog, Andrea discusses in depth how in today’s Web-connected times, it’s crucial that physicians understand that they must take control of their reputations and manage their “brand,” because they are a brand.

“Physicians seem to be reluctant to manage their reputations online but get very upset when people go online and talk about them,” according to Andrea’s blog. “If you aren’t going to protect your brand reputation, you open yourself up to ‘anything goes.’”

So what to do about doctors worried about their reputations? Andrea cites D. Charles Casto, a 20-year industry veteran and founder of NiceGuysPR: “‘Managing your reputation as a physician has moved well beyond the all-important relationships you establish while treating patients. With the way social media—including Yelp ratings, Facebook and Twitter—have influenced the general public, it’s important to monitor what people are saying about you on the Web. You want to ensure that anything that could come up in a Google search is accurate, positive, and would help to convey a sense of comfort to current and future patients.’”

To read Andrea’s blog in its entirety on FierceHealthcare, click here.

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