Andrea Simon Shares 6 Must-Know Inbound Marketing Facts In FierceHealthcare

GiraffeA million people per day are searching for a doctor online. Given this new reality, how can healthcare providers best help those patients find the right solution — preferably at their institution and with their physicians?

The answer? Inbound marketing.

In her February 26, 2015 article in FierceHealthcare, “6 must-know inbound marketing facts for healthcare leaders,” Andrea Simon, Ph.D., Founder/CEO of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC), outlines the how-tos of this cutting-edge type of marketing that can help organizations rise to the top of search engine results when searchers are ready to decide on options.

Inbound marketing is the key to capturing searching consumers and converting them into customers

Inbound marketing, according to Dr. Simon, is about creating content specifically designed to appeal to qualified prospects, bringing them into a conversation with you and your products/services.

Conversely, outbound marketing is the traditional (many would say outmoded) form of marketing where a company initiates the conversation and sends its message out to an audience, often in an interrupting fashion.

Be the answer your future healthcare customers are searching for

The genius of inbound marketing is that it is grounded in the many different ways today’s consumers are searching for and selecting solutions for their particular needs, whether it’s for the best doctor, hospital, clinic or medical practice.

Dr. Simon explains, “consumers are going through a journey. They have some unmet need, so they go online to find a solution. Then they might go to a blog to read more, then to a white paper (giving their name and email in order to download), and then to a video. They do their own comparison shopping before they even begin to select an option. Are you one of their considerations?”

In today’s hyper-competitive healthcare marketplace, you’d better be. And inbound marketing may be the best way to make sure you are.

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