Andrea Simon Quoted In Business News Daily Entrepreneur Article

Andrea-Simon“As an entrepreneur, what’s the one task you may never have expected to do on a regular basis?” Such was the question posed by Business News Daily to Andrea Simon, Ph.D., President/Founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC), and eight other startup founders.

In the publication’s December 12, 2014 article, “9 Surprising Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Every Day,” the panel of entrepreneurs each share the one task they didn’t expect to be doing every day.

For Dr. Simon, entrepreneurship is like putting on a one-man show, every day

Describing her experience as head of a woman-owned marketing firm, Dr. Simon says, “Coming from the corporate world, I didn’t realize as an entrepreneur that you have to strike the right balance between aspiration, ideation and execution every single day. It’s like you’re an improv performer in a one-man show, where you write, direct, produce and perform. When the day ends, you prepare yourself to start over and do it all again tomorrow — and then you listen for the applause.”

From being prepared for anything to making sure their shoes are shined, these nine entrepreneurs candidly give readers a peek inside their daily experiences. Take a look!

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