Andrea Simon Hosted Fourth “Trends From The Trenches” Webinar,Sharing Practical Tips And Innovative Ideas For Positive Results

TFTTBlogMany people in the healthcare arena have used the word “innovation” countless times, highlighting just how necessary it is for progress. But when it comes down to actually implementing truly innovative plans, many professionals don’t know how to transform promising concepts into concrete, productive changes to their culture and their overall operating principles.

photo-of-Andi-tan-top-239x300 Andrea Simon, Ph.D.

The popular webinar series launched last fall ― Healthcare Innovation: Trends From The Trenches ― tackled that challenge with grounded, practical advice in its fourth webinar entitled, Mastering the Front and Back End of Innovation, led by the founder of the series, Corporate Anthropologist and President of Simon Associates Management Consultants, Dr. Andrea Simon. It aired February 14, 2014.

Dr. Simon’s webinar combined learning from the three previous installments and showed how true innovation can lead professionals in hospitals and other healthcare systems to find new solutions to any problem. Key points covered:

  • Taking data and ideas and envisioning new ways to solve long-term, lingering problems and others that are just emerging due to recent reforms.
  • Transforming your most popular and tangible ideas into testable innovations.
  • Showcasing your most successful innovations in ways that will help your entire culture to become truly innovative ― not just in words, but also in actions and measurable results.

“This is both an exciting and challenging topic, as true innovation, in practice, means significant change,” said Simon, who is also a former hospital executive. “Though humans are programmed to dislike and shun change, I will show the audience how to overcome these obstacles and find the innovations that have the best chance for widespread success, prior to grand-scale implementation.”

Dr. Simon’s webinar successfully removed for audience members the most uncomfortable aspects of innovation, giving them the courage to enact changes that will help them and their organizations move forward, instead of stagnating or moving backward compared to their competitors.

Having now shared her recommendations for lasting innovation, Dr. Simon is eager to hear from her audience about ways they have tried to bring new ideas to life, what the results have been, and where the process can be improved. Contact her at

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