Who Says You Have To Retire? Not Me!

Retirement…that wonderful state of being that millions of people look forward to and cannot wait to start enjoying. Not me! Although I am well past the age when I could start receiving Social Security checks, I am far from ready to retire. Why? Because life is too exciting to sit around twiddling my thumbs. Besides, I still have a lot of work to do, as I explain in a recent article I wrote for Successful Business News. (Read it here.) Is anyone out there like me?

I still like the challenges of the business world.

Yes, I still get high building revenues and generating profits. And if I can’t do it for myself, I enjoy helping someone else do it.

But if you’re considering re-entering the workplace, or like me, are not ready to leave it, hold on. It’s not as easy as you might think. So before plunging headlong into a new venture, pause and consider this 7-point check list:

If you still crave the challenge of working, here are some things to think about:

1. Find something that excites you. For your next venture, you probably need to learn something. That’s what Google is for. Start searching…it’s all there!

2. Sharpen your analytical skills. Today, data is king. But remember, it is not the data but what you do with it, how you interpret it, that’s important. If you’re not sure how to do that, you need to acquire those skills because without the ability to understand the nuances of today’s data, you are at a serious disadvantage.

3. Take stock of your energy level. Do you want another full-time career or just something to keep you occupied on a part time basis? How committed are you really prepared to be?

4. Follow the money. Decide how you are going to fund either yourself or your venture. You probably have enough resources to retire but do you have enough to invest in a business? What if it doesn’t work? I have seen people put money into businesses and then end up cash poor when the venture fails.

5. Are you a lifelong learner? These days, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with ever-evolving technology and the explosive pace of change. How do you feel about constantly having to learn new skills?

6. Assess your desire to manage people. I have heard people say, “Business is great, if only I didn’t have to deal with people.” This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go back into business but it does suggest that you need to choose that business wisely. 

7. Ask yourself how well (or poorly) you are prepared to deal with today’s changing workforce. Millennials behave very differently than Boomers, with their own skills and work habits which can seem foreign to those of us born before 1980 (or even before 1950). Have a plan for how to motivate each generational group under your charge.

My one key piece of advice: look before you leap.

If you feel confident that you can indeed deal with the issues I listed above, I say “good for you” and full speed ahead.

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