We’re Thrilled To Receive The International Elite 100 Award Honoring Outstanding Leadership In Corporate Anthropology

I’m pleased to announce that Simon Associates Management Consultants has won the 2023 International Elite 100 Award for Corporate Anthropology Consultancy of the Year. This prestigious recognition is awarded by the UK-based International Elite 100 organization whose objective is “to showcase the extraordinary power to lead from the front and to honor all those who strive harder to achieve quality.” Apparently we were nominated by someone we have worked for or with, so whoever you are, thank you very much! We are thrilled.

Award criteria

As stated by International Elite 100 Awards, this is how they select category winners:

“Nominees are shortlisted via a process of in-house scrutiny and assessment, which utilizes a variety of methods to identify those firms and individuals demonstrating outstanding achievements. These methods include reviewing vertical-specific market research, client nominations, referrals, press coverage and industry awards. As our proprietary process is not industry-specific, it is applicable to any firm, regardless of specialization, market vertical or geographic region. Winners are only chosen based on merit and achievement.”

Why did we win this award?

In the words of International Elite 100, at SAMC we lead from the front.

As futurists, we help our clients adapt to fast-changing times. As corporate anthropologists, we apply anthropology’s concepts, methods, and tools to help clients “see, feel, and think” in new ways. As culture change experts, we help organizations determine what their culture is today and what they would like it to be in the future for superior productivity. And as Blue Ocean Strategists, we teach businesses that market dominance isn’t about competing with others in the same industry as you (red ocean), but rather, it’s about finding customers’ unmet needs so you can open a new market space that you can own (blue ocean).

We have built a highly successful business around developing proprietary methods to transform business models, develop growth strategies, and build better corporate cultures. We’d be pleased to share these with you. Please contact us.


From Observation to Innovation,
Andi Rethink
Andi Simon, Ph.D.
CEO | Corporate Anthropologist | Author