There’s No Time Like The Present For Hospitals To Change Their Ways & Move Ahead

Andrea-SimonHealthcare Innovation: Trends from the Trenches” Webinar Series Urges Healthcare Organizations Nationwide To Adopt A Culture of Innovation To Ignite Progress

NEW YORK, NY – November 24, 2014 – Leaders at most healthcare organizations say they’re trying to create adaptive and innovative cultures, and some are making strides. But many more don’t know where to start, because contemporizing your culture is much easier said than done. That’s why it’s the topic of the next webinar in the popular series, Healthcare Innovation: Trends from the Trenches.

Corporate Anthropologist Andrea Simon, Ph.D., will help healthcare professionals to evaluate their current cultures and determine what needs to be done to make them more innovative and future-forward. Her webinar, entitled: “Five Ways To Build An Innovative Healthcare Culture,” will air on December 12 at noon, ET. Click here to register.

“No organization wants to say that it’s set in its ways, but the truth is, change is painful for humans, as well as institutions,” explained Dr. Simon, a former hospital executive and founder/CEO of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC). “Yet change is inevitable for today’s healthcare systems and getting ahead of it is a much better option than being left behind.”

Dr. Simon will share five tools with webinar listeners to help them make their culture more innovative and ensure that the changes stick. They’ll walk away from the webinar knowing how to:

  • assess their organization’s culture today
  • define what kind of culture they would like in the future
  • get their team to work together to make that new vision a reality
  • manage the pain associated with change in a way that maximizes acceptance of the new culture

“In some cases, a hospital needs to completely reinvent itself with an entirely new culture, name, logo, and more,” added Dr. Simon. “But in other cases, a healthcare organization might just need to refresh its culture and brand to attract new patients, while maintaining and reiterating many of the cultural values that continue to make it relevant and successful.”

Ultimately, changing the culture of a huge institution is a process – and this webinar promises set the steps in motion for those who want to go beyond good intentions to create a true culture of innovation.

CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, professionals in human resources and organizational development, and other managers who are trying to adapt their organization’s culture to changing times are encouraged to attend. To see more about this webinar, click here.

Additional webinars slated for the next few months, include: “Inbound Marketing: Engage Them And They Will Come” on Jan. 16, 2015; with featured speaker, Corey Smith, senior director, Healthgrades; “Today’s Patient: Are You Ready For Her?” on Feb. 13, 2015, with Stephen Moegling, a partner at Franklin Street; and “Robotics, Machine Intelligence and the Future of Hospitals,” on April 24, 2014, with Donald G. Bellefeuille, healthcare strategist and director, NBBJ.

For more information on the popular webinar series, go to:, where SlideShare presentations of past webinars can be downloaded. To read more about other pertinent healthcare topics, go to the SAMC Trends from the Trenches blog.