SAMC Client, Cabeau, Gets Outstanding Press For Its Travel Pillow

Andrew-Simon2We’re thrilled that a new client of ours, Cabeau , is getting rave reviews for its line of comfort travel products, most notably its Evolution Pillow. The most recent fan is David Rowell of The Travel Insider, who inhis article, “A Great Solution to Airplane Stiff Neck Syndrome,” writes, “So, how good is this pillow? Don’t get us wrong when we say it is not ‘good’ at all. Rather, it is great. It is marvelous.” Our thoughts exactly.

Founded by David Sternlight of West Hills, CA, this smart start-up has many of the qualities we look for in a successful enterprise: innovation, market savvy, Blue Ocean thinking, and a really great product. Or in Cabeau’s case, an entire line of them. In its mission to bring comfort to air flights and car rides, Cabeau examined all aspects of travel and then created products that make the experience comfortable.

The best part? These products actually work. Why? Because they stemmed from the founder’s actual experiences while traveling.

David, a former professional basketball player, was always uncomfortable on flights. And in the international garment business, he flew a lot. Finally fed up with twisting his 6’8” frame into all sorts of wacky positions to try and get comfortable—and seeing other passengers do the same—he had a “a-ha” moment. There must a better way!

Voilà, Cabeau was born. Starting with the memory foam Evolution Pillow (which puts an end to stick necks and bobbing heads), it grew from there. Now the product line includes two other travel neck pillows, Air Evolution and Evolution Microbead, Midnight Magic Sleep Mask, Amazing Case and Amazing Case for Tablets, and Bamboo Compression Socks (work wonders at reducing leg and foot fatigue and swelling—you gotta try these). Got kids? They’ll love Cabeau’s BlanKid Buddy blanket/backpack/neck pillow and Evolution Micro Jr, a neck pillow just their size so they can get some quality sleep, too.

We’re working with them, they’re working with us, and day by day, the company is growing by leaps and bounds. As we said earlier, we’re thrilled.

To check out Cabeau’s entire line of comfort travel products, go to their website,