Ready To Rethink And Accelerate Women’s Leadership In Business?

Please join us! Women Business Collaborative (WBC) and Rethink are honored to host our Third Annual Forum, Rethinking and Accelerating Women’s Leadership in Business. This highly-anticipated virtual event takes place:

Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 11:00am-2:00pm ET

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WBC‘s goal is to showcase the trends, transformations and innovations that are driving equity across the business landscape. At this half-day event, you’ll hear preeminent women and men leaders share with you how they are working to support and accelerate progress for women in business. The forum is organized into three discussion tracks, each with a moderator and a panel of industry leaders and experts.

Track 1: Women Leading the Way
Track 2: Women in the Workforce
Track 3: Corporate Purpose

The forum will begin promptly at 11:00am with opening remarks from Gwen K. Young, Women Business Collaborative CEO, and Lynn Born, WBC board member.

I know you will love the women on all of the panels, and take away valuable ideas you can use in your business. I will host the panel on Women Entrepreneurs, one of my favorite topics, part of Track 3 from 12:55-1:40. I look forward to seeing you!

Here’s the agenda: 

OPENING REMARKS  (11:00-11:15am) 

  • Gwen Young: CEO, Women Business Collaborative


Panel 1: Leadership in the C-Suite: Pathways to the C-Suite Report
What are the pathways and new roles, and what is the status of the “sponsor”?

  • (Moderator) Dara Klein: Managing Director, Kaplan Partners
  • Subha Barry: CEO, Seramount
  • Tiffany Douglas: SVP, Global Women’s Initiative and Underrepresented Talent, Strategy Executive, Bank of America
  • Dr. Velma Deleveaux: Managing Partner, Veaux Solutions, LLC 

Panel 2: Women Leading Boards (12:05-12:55pm)
Latest state of play in board diversity, board leadership, cyber and risk expertise, the importance of board leadership in building equity, and diversity and inclusion.

  • (Moderator) Ana Dutra: CEO, Mandala Global Advisors
  • Anne Alonzo: Board Director, Potlatch Deltic, Feeding America
  • Dan Hesse: Board Director, Akamai, WBC Board
  • Marta Newhart: Board Member, Page Society, Special Olympics

Panel 3: Corporate Tech Executives Leading the Way (12:55-1:40pm)
What it takes to become a leader in tech, and how tech is changing
the leadership landscape.

  • (Moderator) Tali Bray: EVP, CIO, Financial Services Innovation, Product Strategy and Development, People Strategy, Sustainability, Wells Fargo
  • Joyce Brocaglia: Founder, Executive Women’s Forum
  • Gina Papush: Chief Data Analytics, Bristol Myers Squibb 


Panel 1: Companies Adapting to a Changing Workforce (11:15am-12:00pm)
What are companies doing to adapt to the realities of 2023, what can we do to
lead adaptation, and how can we help women in the changing workforce?

  • (Moderator) Shandrilya Lewis: Founder, The Brand Exec
  • Carla Grant Pickens: Vice President HR, IBM Consulting, Global Operations, Platforms and Delivery, IBM
  • Kimberly Saxton: CEO, Tech Pacht
  • Ashley Walvoord: Director, Performance, Assessment and Careers, Verizon

Panel 2: Building Engaged Employees (12:05-12:55pm)
What companies are doing to build employee engagement in a COVID-altered era. Also, engagement and the virtual world.

  • (Moderator) Shannon Bayer: Vice President Revenue, Linkage, Inc.
  • Lisa Genovese: President, Bottom Line
  • Dr. Rachel-Yvonne Talton: Founder and CEO, Synergy
  • Eliana Nunez: Chief Diversity Officer, Cigna
  • Walton Price: Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Collins Aerospace, RTX

Panel 3: Entrepreneurs Building Business (12:55-1:40pm)
Access to capital for entrepreneurs, how women are leading the way building
businesses, and women of color entrepreneurs.

  • (Moderator) Andrea Simon: CEO, Simon Associates Management Consultants 
  • Kelly Kolar: President and founder, Kolar + Kolar Experience Institute
  • Theresa Harrison: Founder and President, George Street
  • DeLisa Guerrier: Co-founder, Managing Partner, Storyville Gardens, Guerrier Development


Panel 1: Leading Through Talent (11:15am-12:00pm)
Focusing on DEI in leadership, employee engagement, and pay equity.

  • (Moderator) Khalil Smith: Vice President, Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement, Akamai Technologies
  • Paz Beatty: Director of Leadership Diversity, AT&T
  • Lauren Herring: CEO, Founder, Impact Group

Panel 2: Commitment Through Your Brand (12:05-12:55pm)
Stating goals, being “out” on issues, measurement and supplier diversity.

  • (Moderator) Sharon Reynolds: President and CEO, DevMar Products and the DevMar Family of Companies
  • Jenifer Johnson: Director, Enterprise Associate Experience, Dealer Tire
  • Lauren Tilstra: Chief of Staff and Executive Director, Strategic Communications, Verizon
  • Jetheda Hernandez: Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships and Programs, National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDCHQ) 

Panel 3: Community Impact (12:55-1:40pm)
Social impact, and the destination of funds.

  • (Moderator) Jose ZeilstraCEO, Gender Fair
  • Melissa Filipatos: Vice President, Channel Partnerships, Strategic Alliances, and Reseller Programs, Grainger
  • Earl Newsome: CIO, Cummins
  • Adam Bliebtreau: Chief Marketing Officer, ASGN

CLOSING REMARKS (1:40-1:50pm)

  • Edie Fraser: Board Chair, Women Business Collaborative
  • Sandra Quince: CEO of Paradigm of Parity and Strategic Advisor to AceUp

All of us at WBC and Rethink look forward to seeing you Wednesday, May 17th! You don’t want to miss the conversations, innovations and game-changing ideas. And bring along your colleagues, friends, and everyone helping propel women forward.

I can’t wait to see you there!

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From Observation to Innovation,
Andi Rethink
Andi Simon, Ph.D.
CEO | Corporate Anthropologist | Author