Andrea Simon Now A Weekly Blogger for Vistage International’s Executive Street

Andrea-SimonAs well as reading my postings here on my Simon Associates blog, you can now find selected ones every week on Executive Street, the daily blog of Vistage International. My most recent article, “Innovation: A Word You Love or a Way of Life?,” is currently one of Executive Street’s featured blogs.

In this particular blog I focus on innovation. Is it just a trendy word or is it something you’re willing to put into practice to stay competitive in these challenging times? When truly embraced, innovation can help you generate new ideas, establish creative processes, encourage risk-taking and learning from these risks, reward new ways of doing things, and empower your teams.

I then offer Six Ideas, tried and true in other companies, that you can apply to your organization to help turn the idea of innovation into an actuality. To see what these six ideas are, click here for my Executive Street blog. And for the latest Business Change Management news, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.