Andrea Simon Blog, “Can Games Help Your Company Innovate?,” Featured on Executive Street

chessMy latest article, “Can Games Help Your Company Innovate?,” which focuses on the transformative power of tools such as Innovative Games®, is currently featured on Executive Street, the daily blog of Vistage International.

What’s so exciting about Innovative Games is that they effectively get business leaders to creatively “see, feel and think” about their companies in new ways. Creative play actually can ignite change in the workplace! By getting clients to play games called “Reverse Everything,” “Build A Better Product Box,” and “Now, How, Wow,” Innovative Games help people arrive at exciting innovations and big original ideas they hadn’t thought of before.

One of the things I discuss in this blog is, “Why are games such an important part of the creative process?” The answer? Games create randomness within rules. They take people into a new space. Games do have rules and boundaries but they are beyond the realities of the moment.

Do you find that your business is stuck? Are you in dire need of great innovations and new ideas? Perhaps you need some games to play.

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