043: Jay Hasbrouck—Thinking Like an Anthropologist

 Listen now as Jay Hasbrouck takes anthropology from stuffy to accessible!

It is always so much fun to talk with other anthropologists and Jay Hasbrouck is no exception. Jay has written a terrific book calledEthnographic Thinking: From Method to Mindset.” It’s exciting stuff because, as you will hear in our conversation, anthropology and ethnography (observational research) are slowly but surely moving out of their academic silos into the world around us. Listen in and hear why Jay and I are both on a mission to make this sometimes “stuffy thing” called anthropology much more accessible. Enjoy!

Jay Hasbrouck Ethnographic Thinking.pngJay’s book is going to be a terrific addition to the growing anthropology field. Our conversation is wild and wonderful, with case studies and field experiences to share that will truly transform anyone who hears them.

Come join us on our journey!


In this episode, Jay Hasbrouck and I discuss:  

  • Understanding the different cultures within our businesses 
  • The importance of observational thinking to solve problems in new ways
  • Opening ourselves up to possibilities in order to change our original thought processes, resulting in innovation
  • The importance of being curious to better understand our surroundings
  • Why it is vital for businesses to acknowledge online competitors
  • Combining design thinking and ethnographic thinking to interpret larger-scale dynamics

Resources mentioned in this episode: