How Corporate Anthropology Leads To More Effective Change Management

Recently I spent a fascinating half-hour discussing corporate anthropology with Todd Schnick, media and business strategist, talk show host and co-founder of Specifically, Todd wanted to know how corporate anthropology differs from traditional change management practices. Great question! I then spent our time together explaining how the methods, theory and tools of anthropology give business leaders perspectives into the way users and non-users are really using (or not using) their products and services. Armed with this new observational knowledge, they can then adapt their business strategy to give consumers what they’re are looking for in innovative ways.

How Corporate Anthropology Leads To More Effective Change Management

We talked about Blue Ocean Strategy®, Innovation Games®, inbound marketing and culture change. Todd was also very interested in several of the case studies in my new book, “On The Brink: A Fresh Lens To Take Your Business To New Heights,” which illustrate how seven companies, large and small, have used corporate anthropology to great success. It was a fun interview!

To listen to the 29-minute podcast, click here or on the image above.

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From Observation to Innovation

Andi Simon
Corporate Anthropologist | President
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