Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing, anyway?

As certified HubSpot partners, with a team of Inbound Certified bloggers and staff, we understand the need to integrate all aspects of inbound marketing programs, as well as meet timely deliverables with measurable results. In today’s new marketing environment, these tools offer many more tailored HubSpot certificationsolutions that can answer these all-important questions:

  • Does your business need more Facebook likes or Twitter influencers?
  • Do you need regular and effective ways to distribute your blogs and build readers?
  • Are your blogs built around a clear keyword strategy that is routinely monitored, modified and measured?
  • How do you manage your sales and marketing team so they can become a “smarketing” force for your business?

Now, we have far greater ability to see what is working and measure results than perhaps ever before. No longer should marketers be in the “push it” business, hoping someone will need their product or service. Rather, they need to be in the “capture that search” business, where those looking for their products and services can easily find them.

The result? As as we work with clients and help them change, we find ourselves also helping them brand, re-brand and market their products, services or solutions in impactful, measurable ways.

Why SAMC is different

Simon Associates is not a traditional Inbound Marketing Agency. We are Blue Ocean Strategy practitioners and Innovation Games Facilitators that can help your business grow through digital marketing strategy. That means that strategic focus for our clients is critical and leads to the discovery of unmet/unfulfilled client needs. Often an outgrowth of this is the discovery of previously non-users. These skills/disciplines allows us to think about our clients in unique wayIntegrated marketings….eliminating the clutter created by untold competition.

While we always recognize that execution is never easy, we use both our strategic approach and digital marketing tools along with those associated with Inbound Marketing. We work towards a seamless execution. Further we use the HubSpot platform to both execute and measure results.

There are several ways to work with us. We can integrate with your marketing team, your web provider or use our team of website developers. You can even outsource your inbound marketing to us. With SAMC we believe in developing a collaborative path that works best for you and your business.

Our Approach and How It Works for You

Buyer’s Journey is Where We Begin
Inbound marketing is something that has developed with the advent of the web. In today’s digital age potential customers no longer wait for marketers to push information out about a product, service or solution (outbound marketing). Instead, they proactively search online for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems (Inbound marketing).

By creating quality content specifically designed to appeal to a company’s ideal customers (buyer personas), Inbound marketing attracts qualified prospects to their business offerings and then guide them through a four step process using the appropriate tools at hand.


The effectiveness of Inbound Marketing along the Buyer’s Journey





New Websites That Work
We are experts in designing and executing website development as well as running SEO/SEM and social media campaigns. Most importantly, we begin with an analysis of keywords (short and long-tail) that reflect those who are searching for your solutions. Then we make sure your content is built around those keywords.

Search First
Since today it is all about search, we work closely with our partners to manage organic search and search engine marketing that is of critical importance in building your presence online.

Blogs and Social Media are a Must
Blog writing is about adding authority and authenticity to your business, your website and your blog, as much as it is about building engagement with your audience. From a strong, captivating headline to relevant, useful content written at the correct reading levels for both those searching and the search engines, there is a lot to think about to make sure your blogs are doing what they are meant to do—help you answer the questions of those who are searching for an answer.

Once written, how best to distribute your content to the right audience through the right channels? Here is where strategy matters. Should you be focused on Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest? How are you posting and monitoring, commenting on and sharing your content? How do you provide ongoing conversations that are so essential to building reputations and online presence?

Most important of all, is your content generating interested and qualified leads? Are these leads moving along their buyer’s journey from searching for an answering to evaluating solutions, hopefully with yours at the top of their list? Do you have the right e-books and white papers to help them in their journey?

At SAMC, our job is to help you craft the right content marketing strategy and build out the execution, monitor and measure its impact, and adjust as we move along together.

Lead Generation and Sales Coordination
A primary goal of inbound marketing is lead generation. As part of the process, we work with our clients to coordinate the inbound lead generation with their other sales processes. The CRM is an excellent method for ensuring that new leads turn into new prospects when they fit your business and are interested in your solutions.

Often clients need an e-commerce presence, which sometimes becomes a major new business venture for them. Our team is highly experienced in building e-commerce capabilities that lead to major new revenue streams.

An integrated inbound approach is how we help our clients grow their businesses.

We can work with clients’ agencies or directly with our own agencies. Either way, our goal is to ensure that all aspects of our clients’ business and marketing programs are completed as quickly as possible to the highest standards, with measurable results.

If you are ready for some SAMC help, please contact us.

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