Fearless Women Leading Protests And Shattering Stereotypes

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Smashing another myth again!

The Sunday New York Times published an article on October 11th entitled,In Belarus, Women Led the Protests and Shattered Stereotypes,” which points out how women are changing the face of politics, creating new norms and shattering deeply entrenched gender stereotypes built up over generations.

“Women were stronger in this situation” said Tatiana N. Kotes, a film production designer and activist. “We had to assume a more significant role. Men’s dominating role in the society has collapsed.”

Fearlessly standing up to a bully by the thousands

“In a country whose strongman president, Aleksandr. G Lukashenko, has openly scoffed at women as too weak for politics and told them their place was in the kitchen, Belarusian women have become the face and driving force of a movement aimed at toppling a leader known as ‘Europe’s last dictator,'” reports The Times.

After World War II, “the shortage of males left women to play an outsize role in rebuilding the devastated country once the war ended in 1945,” the article goes on to say. “Memories of this have left even the most misogynistic Belarusians aware, deep down, of what women could accomplish.”

In the face of official brutality and arrogant scoffing by the men in power, the women of Belarus have responded by showing peace and love. Said Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, one of three female candidates to challenge Lukashenko in the country’s recent election, “Now, Belarusian women are world-known, and this is wonderful.”

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Enjoy these stories of women who are not afraid to be who they want to be

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