Monthly Archives: April 2018

074: Rod Robertson—Winning at Entrepreneurship

In this On the Brink podcast, Andrea Simon talks with Rod Robertson about how to [...]

073: Holly Green—Tapping Into Your Brain to Build Better Relationships

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072: Gil Cargill—How to Fix Your Underperforming Sales Team

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When Was the Last Time You Really Looked at Your Business?

When was the last time you looked at your business with fresh eyes? Maybe it [...]

How Storytelling Can Transform Your Culture And Energize Your Team

One of the best ways to make your employees feel valued is by telling stories [...]

Why Is the Buyer’s Journey Critical for Successful Entrepreneurs?

Andrew Simon explains why entrepreneurs have to build their business growth strategies to capture the [...]

071: Michelle Turman—Achieving Your Great Success, Now

In the On the Brink podcast, Michelle Turman talks about how you can jump over [...]

070: Ask Andi—How to Learn Resilience

In this Ask Andi, Andi Simon talks about how leaders inspire their teams in bad [...]

The Time is Right for Businesses to Hire Anthropologists

There are a growing number of jobs for anthropologists in business, and a growing realization [...]

069: Michael Menerey—Reconstructing Healthcare So Employers Can Win Not Lose

In this On The Brink podcast, Andi Simon interviews Michael Menerey who talks about scrapping [...]