072: Gil Cargill—How to Fix Your Underperforming Sales Team

Listen now to Gil Cargill talk about how to energize your 

salesforce for amazing results!

One of the recurring questions we get from our clients is how to fix an underperforming sales team. No matter what they’ve tried—carrots and sticks, personal coaching, sales training—nothing has worked. Then along comes Gil Cargill with his novel approach to building sales teams, resulting in exploding sales efforts. In this podcast, Gil’s ideas are as relevant to running a productive business as they are to building a great sales experience. 

Gil Cargill-1By the end of this terrific podcast with Gil Cargill, founder of Cargill Consulting Group, you’ll have discovered how to get your salesforce to perform with precision and predictability. You’ll hear about the amazing things that can happen when you eliminate sales performance excuses. You’ll also learn why old, outdated methods of prospecting are time wasters. 

Want some how-to’s? Gil teaches you how to build a “fortress” around your customers that stop your competition in their tracks, making customer defections a thing of the past! Gil explains that few people know how to do this, and almost none do it right, but it’s a key strategy that can make your business soar. 

Your business might be waiting for a fresh look at how to capture new clients and build deeper relationships with those who use you now. Enjoy our discussion and try Gil’s tips.

Some of the things Gil Cargill and I discuss:

  • What if your team showed a 36% increase? What would this do to your paycheck?
  • What if you could create a steady stream of solid leads for your salesforce? It’s called “salesperson nirvana” and it’s possible.
  • Do your customers genuinely appreciate you or do they just hate to change?  
  • Adapting the way we sell to a new generation and the way they buy
  • How to assess when a sales lead is ready to be pursued

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