069: Michael Menerey—Reconstructing Healthcare So Employers Can Win Not Lose

Listen to Michael Menerey teach us how to lower healthcare costs by challenging the status quo! 

If you are the founder of a business, an entrepreneur growing your business or a CEO trying to stay in business, you probably are watching your healthcare costs and employee benefits soaring out of sight. What to do? The first step is to listen what to Michael Menerey, Senior Vice President and Benefits Consultant with Alliant Employee Benefits, has to tell us in this podcast. You’ll learn a lot about what can be done to manage employee benefit costs. Don’t miss this one!

You probably are thinking, “Yes, healthcare is really broken.” What happened and what can we do about it?

michael menery

Just look at what has occurred as a result of the current consolidations. Where are all those cost savings that were promised? Over the last 16 years, health insurance premiums have increased by over 201% and employee contributions towards healthcare premiums are up 350%, and this trend is only expected to continue.

If you run a business, listen to how Michael could help you, the same way he helps other employers restructure their health plans to yield lower costs and improved benefits for their employees. In this highly informative podcast, he shows you how to find alternatives to the usual health insurance strategies.

You know you don’t want higher costs, so what can you do to find better solutions? 

Michael’s answer is simple: If employers want better results, they have to scrap the traditional health insurance structure and leverage creative strategies in the marketplace to proactively lower their health insurance costs. He is an expert at this, and he shares his wisdom with us so we can do it too.

If you want better results, you need a different approach. 

“Traditional Health Insurance is a game you’re guaranteed to lose,” proclaims Michael’s website. It goes on to say—and this is what Michael expands upon in our podcast—that we are at a unique point in time where “technology, capital and innovation all seem to be converging upon a healthcare industry that has been resistant to change and successful at keeping new entrants at bay.”

Michael’s out to change that, challenging the status quo approach to benefits and constantly evaluating new healthcare products, vendors and strategies that can drive down costs and create value for employers, employees and their dependents. 

Passionate about helping businesses, he offers video training and other educational resources and hosts the podcast series Reconstructing Healthcare that explores what is wrong with the current U.S healthcare system, examines what drives higher healthcare costs and exposes deficiencies in traditional insurance products.

Michael recently published “The CEO’s Guide to Lowering Healthcare Costs by 30%” to help business owners and executives begin to see the inefficiencies in traditional healthcare purchasing and also to provide a roadmap on how to get better results. Recently, he was recognized as one of Risk & Insurance Magazine’s 2017 Power Broker® Rising Stars.

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