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Can You See It? The Coming of Age of Corporate Anthropology Is Here.

Corporate anthropology is the theory, methods and tools of anthropology applied to businesses, organizations and [...]

020: Gary Morton—Commanding Excellence: The Secret Sauce to Truly Exceptional Performance

Gary Morton inspires you to mobilize your team in this podcast about his forthcoming book, [...]

How Anthropology Can Help Your Business Soar

The tools and methods of corporate anthropology help business leaders see, feel and think in [...]

Change: Are You Going To Avoid It Or Embrace It?

A major trend Andrea Simon, corporate anthropologist and culture change expert, is noticing is how [...]

019: Ask Andi series—See, Feel and Think In New Ways

In this Ask Andi episode, Andi Simon talks about how to take the Blue Ocean [...]

Why Change Is So Scary—And Why That Dooms Businesses To Fail

One of the reasons businesses get stuck is because the brain hates change, but in [...]

018: Mikki Williams—Be Outrageous, It’s The Only Place That Isn’t Crowded™

Mikki Williams, an amazing speaker, talks with Andi Simon about how to become an outstanding [...]

Who Says You Have To Retire? Not Me!

Andrew Simon is not ready to retire. To help other energetic entrepreneurs like him, he [...]

017: Ask Andi series—How Anthropology Helps People See Things With Fresh Eyes

In this Ask Andi episode, Andi Simon talks about how the tools and methods of [...]

Why Women CEOs Are So Different And So Successful

When women entrepreneurs build companies, they create cultures that encourage collaboration, team-building and innovative thinking, [...]