017: Ask Andi series—How Anthropology Helps People See Things With Fresh Eyes


Fifth episode of Ask Andi

Here is the 5th episode of my Ask Andi series—short 15 minute podcasts every Friday where I take a question and then offer tools, tips and strategies to help you re-think an issue and tackle it in new ways. In today’s episode, I talk about how the tools and methods of anthropology can help companies make necessary changes so they can successfully adapt to changing times.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Corporate anthropology
  • Being aware of the changes that are happening in the healthcare industry
  • Consulting at an organization that was losing money and clients 
  • Strategic importance of ‘outside-in’ thinking
  • Innovation Games
  • Creativity lessonscoming up with an interesting solution that changed everything
  • How anthropology can bring massive ROI

Resources mentioned in this episode: