152: Mark Schaefer—Are You Ready For The Marketing Rebellion?

Hear how consumers have the power to drive marketing!

Are you overwhelmed by the breakneck speed of change in business? Do constantly-shifting consumer trends, unrelenting technology advances and omnipresent digital marketing leave you feeling irrelevant and lost? Fear not. Mark Schaefer can help you stay ahead of the curve. A globally-recognized marketing and social media keynote speaker, business consultant and best-selling author, Mark shows us how hyper-empowered consumers can actually drive business results rather than exist as manipulated pawns. This is priceless advice — don’t dare miss it!

Mark Schaefer-1“The most human company wins”

This is the sub-title of Mark’s new book, Marketing Rebellion.” As you’ll learn when you listen to our podcast, it also sums up Mark’s approach to business marketing perfectly. The copy on his website goes even further: “Technology has created new ways to help customers discover, share, and discuss their favorite products. In fact, most of our marketing is occurring without us. Today, the customers are the marketing department. We can’t buy our way into these conversations. We have to earn our way in with a new business approach that appeals to constant human truths. The businesses of the past were built on advertising impressions. Today, they are built on human impressions that help customers believe, belong and find meaning. Are you ready for the rebellion?”

In our discussion about his new book, Mark shares these crucial insights with us:

  • marketing rebellionHow cataclysmic consumer trends are a predictable result of a revolution that started 100 years ago
  • Why businesses must be built on human impressions instead of advertising impressions
  • The five constant human truths at the heart of successful marketing strategy
  • Why customer loyalty is dying and what you need to do about it right now
  • How to help your best customers do the marketing for you
  • Actionable steps to provide an immediate course-correction for businesses of any size

About Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer is a globally-recognized keynote speaker, educator, business consultant, author and blogger. In fact, his blog {grow} is hailed as one of the top marketing blogs in the world. He has worked in global sales, PR and marketing positions for more than 30 years and now provides consulting services as Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions.

In addition to his new book, Marketing Rebellion,Mark has authored six best-selling books: “KNOWN,” “Social Media Explained,” “Return on Influence,” “Born to Blog,” “The Content Code” and “The Tao of Twitter” (named the best-selling book on Twitter in the world).

One of the world’s most recognized social media marketing authorities, Mark has been a keynote speaker at such highly-regarded international conferences as Social Media Week London, SXSW, National Economic Development Association and the Institute for International and European Affairs. He has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Wired, The New York Times, and on CNN, National Public Radio, CNBC, the BBC and CBS NEWS. In addition, he is a regular contributing columnist to The Harvard Business Review and co-host of The Marketing Companion, one of iTunes’ top 10 marketing podcasts.

Mark has advanced degrees in marketing and organizational development, holds seven patents and is a faculty member of the graduate studies program at Rutgers University.

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