006: Changing Patterns of The Higher Education System with Evan Jerome


Evan Jerome is the senior vice-president of Monroe College, where he has served for 20 years working in a variety of areas, including admissions, marketing and launching an online degree program. Evan is responsible for overseeing undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as offsite continuing education in both domestic and international markets.

Prior to his tenure at Monroe College, Evan worked in film, advertising and the hospitality industry. Listen in on our fascinating discussion!  You can read more about our work with higher educational institutions here

In this episode, Evan Jerome and I discuss:

  • His background and filling in the gaps
  • What higher education means to him
  • How he helps students get ready for the future
  • Recipe for success
  • High cost of private college tuition 
  • Importance of understanding the mindset of a student
  • His involvement with Corporate Partnership
  • Biggest lessons and takeaways

Resources mentioned in this episode: