Join The Movement For Gender Equity For Women In Business. We Are #FasterTogether!

For several weeks now I’ve been telling you about the Rethinking and Accelerating Diversity and Women’s Leadership in Business Forum, sponsored by the Women Business Collaborative (WBC) and Rethinking Women, coming up soon on May 11th. So what is Women Business Collaborative and what does it do, you might be asking? As a matter of fact, it does a whole lot!

We Will Not Rest Until There Is Equal Position, Pay, And Power For All Business WomenWBC logo

The statement above says it all. The mission and purpose of WBC (of which I’m
a member) is to inspire, connect and catalyze women in business. How do we do this? We help women, especially women of color and Latinas, reach top management positions, including the C-suite. We propel women in tech into executive leadership roles. We develop innovative ways to support women entrepreneurs, including increasing access to capital. We work tirelessly to break down barriers for all women so that we can finally, and for all time, achieve gender equity, pay parity and an end to bias in the workplace.

Yes, We Are #Fastertogether. Especially With You.

We need your voice. We learn from you. We benefit from your passion and insights. Please join us May 11th as together, we change the world of work for all women.

Register here and use this code: WBC_RETHINK

See you on the 11th,

Edie Fraser, Gwen Young and Andi Simon

Andi Rethink
Andi Simon, Ph.D.
Corporate Anthropologist | Author | CEO Simon Associates Management Consultants