For Women In Business, Now Is The Time To Achieve Your Dreams

In my new book, Rethink: Smashing The Myths of Women in Business,” I expose many of the myths that for centuries have held women back from achieving what they knew they could. These outdated, inaccurate myths have told women in business what they can and can’t do, have shut them out of leadership positions, and have denied them access to venture capital. But, the times they are a-changin.’ Women around the globe are stepping out, speaking up, and refusing for their dreams to be denied.

But where did these myths come from? And how can we change them? I offer some ideas here, which I discuss in more detail in my book. You can get your copy here.

In some ways, the way we think about the capabilities of men and women leads us to the myths we use.

We like to put the genders in boxes: men are seen as strong, decisive and positive, whereas women are viewed as more subdued, subtle and caring. The research is disturbing, because it is as relevant today as it was a hundred years ago. As I write in my book, these stories have to change, and women in leadership roles are helping to make that happen. But the men who control the mythology must also change their perception of women, and themselves.

Women need to help other women build their businesses.

Part of that starts with helping young girls believe in themselves. Then as they grow up and enter the workforce, they need female role models and teammates. They also need to believe that each woman can achieve her dreams.

Equally important, women need to learn about how to run a business from women entrepreneurs who are actually running them. A certain vocabulary and style is necessary, and it is not the same as a man’s. But it works, albeit differently.

There are many programs out there today devoted to teaching young women and girls about entrepreneurship and finding startup capital. And what’s so amazing is that research is showing us that women kick butt when they run a business. So let’s help them along.

Men, yes men, can be great teammates, mentors and partners.

A number of women who have become great leaders were fortunate to have men in their lives who recognized their smarts and helped them grow. But many women don’t ask for mentoring and are not sure how to be mentored. Maybe we need workshops or webinars or new corporate policies to solve this?

You must see the future to achieve it.

If you can see it, you can get there.  Your goal should be less a destination than a great journey with twists and turns moving you closer, with each step, to the life you were meant to live. Join me in smashing the myths of women in business!

Things you can do now to bring about change in your corner of the world:

From Observation to Innovation,

Andi Rethink
Andi Simon, Ph.D.
Corporate Anthropologist | Author | CEO Simon Associates Management Consultants