Corporate Anthropology: How To See Your Business With Fresh Eyes So It Can Grow

In July I had a wonderful conversation with Kevin Craine for his podcast “Everyday MBA,” discussing my book, “On The Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business To New Heights” and the role corporate anthropology can play in boosting a company’s success. An internationally respected business technology analyst, Kevin interviews business authors, innovative thought leaders and top-shelf executives, sharing their advice with his listeners.

We talked about how the brain hates to see things with fresh eyes and yet, as things are changing so quickly today, business leaders really need the ability to “see” the possibilities that are right there in front of them. This is where corporate anthropology and observational research come in. You can’t change a culture until you understand it, and you can’t understand it until you observe it. As an anthropologist, this is my expertise and Kevin asked me really good questions!

To listen to the 33-minute podcast, click here or on the image above.

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From Observation to Innovation

Andi Simon
Corporate Anthropologist | President
Simon Associates Management Consultants