266: Alain Guillot—How Do Immigrants Adapt To New Lives In Foreign Places?

Learn how to see your way forward to your best future! 

I met Alain Guillot when he interviewed me for his podcast and I was totally intrigued by his story. As an anthropologist who studied immigrants who relocated from Greece to New York, I remain endlessly fascinated by the ability of people to completely change their lives to thrive in a foreign environment. Alain and I spoke at length about what he himself did to thrive, and how he eventually became a full-time blogger and podcaster. But it was never easy or completely evident that his calling was to become a story merchant, as he calls himself. Listen in and be moved!

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Alain G

“We all have the tools to achieve greatness, all we need is more self-confidence.”
-Alain Guillot

Alain immigrated to Canada from a poor country in South America. As he tells it, he had to work as a janitor, a busboy and a food server to afford school. His first job as an insurance salesperson was short-lived (he was never much of a salesperson) and after that, he became a dance school owner, a day trader, an Airbnb host, an Uber driver, a photographer, and now a blogger and podcaster. 

On his podcast, Alain interviews experts, authors and speakers in the personal finance and personal development arena. As he tells it: “I want to extract the techniques of successful people and share those techniques with you.”

During our On The Brink podcast, we spent our time together talking about his life journey and wondering how it might help you realize how to get off the brink and find a way to “soar” yourself. John Seely Brown famously said, “The way forward is all around you, if only you can see it.” Can you see your way forward?

Alain GuillotAbout Alain Guillot

Based in Montreal, Canada, Alain is a full-time blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber. He writes and hosts podcasts about personal finance, entrepreneurship and personal development. To connect with Alain, find him on LinkedInTwitter or his website or email him at g_invest_now@yahoo.com.

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