250: Tatiana Tsoir—Some Of The Best Ideas For Women To Create A Successful Business

Women entrepreneurs: hear how to be the boss of your bottom line! 

This was a terrific podcast with a woman who will help you start and grow your own business, today. As a corporate anthropologist who helps organizations change, I thought Tatiana Tsoir’s approach would be refreshing for those of you who listen to On The Brink and for her listeners as well. We talk about the challenges that women face today, particularly starting and building a business. Many people, not just women, have ideas and want to be their own boss. Is this you?Listen to Tatiana address some of the mistakes you’re going to make before you make them.

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Far too many businesses fail within the first five years

Well, we know that it’s difficult for women to get venture capital funding. We also know that many of the businesses they start are really good businesses. To help you find the right business where there is a market need you can serve, Tatiana shares the five critical decisions you need to make when starting a business, plus the three mistakes business owners make with their bottom line (and what to do about it). She also talks about how to make your business pandemic-proof and how to stay flexible while making money doing what you love .

Tatiana Tsoir 400x400About Tatiana Tsoir, CPA

Tatiana Tsoir [Saw-yer], CPA is a numbers expert with over 15 years’ experience helping entrepreneurs and business owners become the boss of their bottom line. So many people dream of being their own boss but hold themselves back because they’re terrified of dealing with money, numbers and taxes. Tatiana helps those dreamers get to know their numbers, get taxes under control and reduce money anxiety. Her mission is to empower those of us who are overwhelmed by running a business so we can make money doing what we love!

tatiana bookIn her upcoming book,Dream Bold, Start Smart(available March 2021), as well as in her mini-coaching program Something That’s Yours, Tatiana provides clients around the world with simple and actionable steps to own their numbers and to be confident in their business decisions. She also co-hosts the popular podcast Anything Would Work and hosts Talk to Tatiana.

You can connect with Tatiana though her website tatianatsoir.com, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or you can email her at sayhello@tatianatsoir.com.

Want to start your own business? Here are some ideas to get you going

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