235: Bill Sherman—The Time Is Right For Innovative Thought Leadership

Hear how you too can become a thought leader!

I had a lovely conversation recently with Bill Sherman, COO of Thought Leadership Leverage, an organization that supports thought leaders and the role they play in helping businesses understand how to develop and then capitalize on new ideas, growth strategies, and even their core purpose. In our podcast we discuss how thought leaders generate solutions to complex problems by helping companies large and small focus on their priorities. I urge you to listen in.

Watch our conversation here

Bill Sherman video

Learn how to take your ideas and develop a scalable growth strategy

As you’ll hear in our discussion, Bill’s expertise lies in working with people who are doing thought leadership work inside their organizations and helping them creating a road map for growth that takes advantage of business opportunities. If you are thinking about how to take your expertise and experiences and turn them into a business of thought leaders, you might check out Bill’s website and listen to our podcast with his business partner, Peter Winick.

About Bill Sherman

Bill Sherman is a seasoned B2B thought leadership strategist for clients who want to get attention for their ideas, create impact and generate revenue. With Peter Winick, he is the co-host of the podcast Leveraging Thought Leadership which focuses on those in business who are responsible for their organization’s thought leadership. Over his long and impressive career, Bill has consulted with a number of Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations that wanted to achieve impact by communicating powerful ideas that get people to think and act differently. When leading teams, he utilizes a wide range of cross-disciplinary skills including b2b marketing, marketing strategy, organizational design, strategic HR, product design and the psychology of influence.

You can contact Bill via LinkedIn, Twitter, his website or bill@thoughtleadershipleverage.com.

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