222: Monique Russell—Why Is It So Hard To Communicate?

Learn how to take your communication skills from good to great!

Do you find yourself full of great ideas but struggle to tell others about them? Do you become shy and quiet every time you have to make a presentation? Maybe it’s even difficult to have conversations with your family. In this podcast I bring you Monique Russell, a premier executive communications coach who will share with you how to really communicate what you want to say in an effective way. I know this is a podcast and you’re listening, but you don’t have to see Monique to hear what she wants you to learn. You come to this podcast because you’re curious. And Monique has a perspective that I think you are going to find very exciting to listen to. Join us!

You can watch my interview with Monique here:

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A communications roadblock is also an opportunity

As Monique tells us, “Right now, you may have achieved great success in gaining recognition for your good ideas and expertise, but you haven’t connected in a way in which others recognize the full value and quality of your leadership. It’s hard to connect, and others don’t seem to understand or buy into the full vision of where you see the team heading.”

The opportunity? A time to learn new skills and polish your emerging style.

Monique RussellAbout Monique Russell

Originally from The Bahamas and Nigeria, Monique is the communications expert you want on your team. Founder of Clear Communication Solutions, an international training, coaching and consulting firm that teaches effective communications and leadership skills, she is passionate about teaching women leaders and teams how to turn “likes” into “loves” in their businesses and in their lives.

Major organizations such as Centers for Disease Control, Verizon, Intel, Equifax and the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, trust Monique to teach effective communication strategies that foster connection, community, creativity and courage. You can too! You can contact Monique here.

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