192: Bryan Gregory—How To Manage Your Remote Workforce And Their Technology Systems

Learn how to overcome the IT challenges of working remotely

How are you handling your IT systems with a remote workforce? Across the world, remote working has become a viable means for practicing social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic. The impact on our entire culture cannot be underestimated. For businesses that were always concerned about their security, the teamwork of their talent, the functionality of their systems, remote work is opening up a plethora of challenges. I often say that if you want to change, have a crisis or create one. Well, this is the crisis that is going to change the way we work and to a level way beyond what we imagined before the pandemic arrived. Please listen in.

Bryan GregoryBryan helps you better understand how to adapt, and quickly, so you can thrive in these changing times

In this interview, I bring to you Bryan Gregory, President of Aldridge, a technology management, consulting and outsourcing company that specializes in providing IT and cloud computing solutions to small and midsize organizations. Aldridge was a client of ours at SAMC. I thought it was timely and relevant to introduce you to Bryan and let him share with you how to best design and manage your remote workforce and the systems you are using to operate your business, whether it is large or small.

In actuality, remote working has been developing for the past decade. Some thought leaders were certain that remote workers would represent 50% of the workforce by 2025. The pandemic is pushing that timeline ahead faster. Whether it comes to pass or not will, in some part, reflect the way in which businesses learn how to manage a decentralized workforce today. Now you can learn how to set up secure systems with enough bandwidth to run your business through your staff’s kitchens. Amazing.

Global CEOs join to create a coordinated response to COVID-19 crisis

In January of this year at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, CEOs from across the globe embraced the concept of decentralized workers. Now they are taking an idea and seeing how to mobilize cooperation and support for the COVID-19 challenge. You can read more about how the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform is trying to build a global response to the social and business implications of the virus, without a great deal of time to test ideas or model actions.

Background on Bryan Gregory

President and head of Sales and Marketing at Aldridge, Bryan’s primary focus is to partner with clients to understand their organization and align their technology with their business goals. Since joining Aldridge in 2008 as its first salesperson, Bryan has been responsible for generating business partnerships, managing accounts, leading sales and marketing efforts, and overseeing the successful delivery of all company services. In addition, he has helped manage 14 successful acquisitions as Aldridge expanded beyond Houston and into regions of Dallas, Austin and Seattle. His experience includes developing these new markets by leveraging his leadership skills and passion for business to build trust internally, with clients, and throughout the local business community. 

You can contact Bryan at aldridge.com/bryan-gregory

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