187: Teresa Douglas—Unleashing Those Secrets To Working Remotely

Learn how to successfully adapt to working remotely!

In this time of uncertainty, with a global pandemic, what do you need to know from a podcast? Perhaps how to adapt to fast-changing times. We knew that this would be very timely when we recorded our interview with Teresa Douglas about how to work remotely and love it. As she tells us, “The world is now your office! You can work from home, from a coffee shop, or even from the gym — but how do you keep on task and stay motivated when you’re on your own?” Let’s learn.

Teresa Douglas squareWhen you’re connected but solo

Here are some of the keynotes we learned from Teresa, and know that we have been remotely working for 20 years now. It “ain’t so hard” but it is very different. Even our clients are happily continuing their businesses during this crisis but missing things they never thought mattered to them.

Working RemotelyTeresa’s book, Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams,” written with Holly Gordon and Mike Webber, sprang from their own need to better work remotely. They were facing serious levels of loneliness. People live in herds and like talking to other people. They also need to learn how to get things from others who are not working down the hall from them.

And, networking is more important than ever when you are working in your office of one. Managing the rest of the workplace — your spouse, your kids, your parents, the groceries — requires new skills, ones that you never thought you would need to develop. Teresa helps us do that.

For almost all of us today, those who are working remotely or are considering it, Working Remotely” will serve as an invaluable guide and reference.

How to handle this new world of work? In this podcast we talk about:

  • Settling into Your New Environment
  • Dealing with Reactions of Friends and Family
  • Your Workspace, Your Tools, Your Physical Fitness
  • How to Set up Your Day
  • Working Effectively with Your Boss and Others
  • Running Virtual Meetings
  • Parenting in the Remote Workforce
  • Advancing Your Career

About Teresa Douglas

Teresa has worked remotely since 2010 in a variety of management-level roles. She holds an MFA in Fiction from Sarah Lawrence College and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Currently, she resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.

You can reach Teresa on Twitter, Facebook or her website “Living La Vida Remota”

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