174: Stefan Pagacik—Do You Know What Your Culture And Values Say About You?

Learn how to arm your employees with a sense of purpose!

Stefan and I had one of those great podcast discussions that took us into the work he is doing to get people to pay attention to our sustainability challenges. Unless we stop what we are doing to our environment, we won’t have much left of the earth to live on, he firmly believes. But what I most enjoyed about our talk was learning how Stefan is mobilizing communities to change. As culture change experts, that’s what we’re all about at SAMC: helping organizations and the individuals within them change. Want or need to change? Stefan teaches us how to do it, now.

StefanPagacikStefan’s journey

When friends ask Stefan Pagacik to describe what he does, it often leads to quizzical looks. “My life and career have not followed the traditional paths that most choose, and that is in large measure because of my entrepreneurial roots,” he says. His grandfather came to America from Soviet Armenia and started a grocery business, competing against the likes of Star Market and Stop ‘n Shop and doing very well. The best definition he can offer is that ideas and innovative solutions are critical for his happiness. “I embrace taking risks, stumbling and trying again, as well as an otherworldly persistence to get answers that can solve a complex problem or challenge,” he explains. “I love opening doors to opportunities and highly motivated leaders who combine integrity with innovative thinking. Original Thinking is in my DNA.”

A multi-faceted path

Stefan’s career has spanned several industries and roles, most recently as co-founder of AI4Impact, an artificial intelligence/machine learning firm focused on impact and sustainability. Previously, he built two impact-themed cloud and mobile platforms for retail and institutional investors interested in aligning their values and criteria with their portfolios. His prior entrepreneurial experience involved starting the Regional Technology Development Center of Cape Cod, a marine science accelerator in Southeastern Massachusetts which commercialized scientific developments in partnership with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the Marine Biological Laboratory.

Previously, Stefan built a model for an energy transition solution from fossil fuels to biofuels for the government of Chile, and designed a social enterprise plan for the city of Detroit, aligning entrepreneurs and city agencies to stimulate business opportunities for blighted areas of the city, including a sustainable food corridor.

A highly sought-after speaker and strategic business advisor, Stefan helps corporate leaders tie mission and vision statements to strategic initiatives for employee recruitment/retention and customer development. You can find more information about Stefan and his many initiatives on his website www.direct-ly.net or by contacting him at stefan@ai4impactinvesting.com.

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