171: Michael Wigge—Nothing Is Impossible!

Learn how to overcome obstacles, tackle challenges and succeed!

You might wonder why we invited German comedian, travel writer, television producer and soft skill trainer Michael Wigge to speak to our listeners about setting a record for the longest donkey ride in music television history, dressed as Henry VIII. Or about the time he crossed Germany on a Mibo Mastr scooter, covering 2,500 kilometers (1553 miles) in 80 days. Or how he’s travelled the world for free, several times, and written two books about it. This is one guy who knows how to overcome challenges, find creative solutions, and persevere. And we can learn to do it too!

Michael WiggeOne man, 150 days, 11 countries, no money!

Michael Wigge had traveled to many countries before, but one day, he decided to make it more challenging: he would travel 25,000 miles around the world by foot, bus, train, ship and plane and not spend a dime of his own money. The journey was full of challenges: What would he eat? Where would he sleep? How would he get from place to place? In spite of all the obstacles, Michael always came up with creative solutions, and after 150 days, reached his destination. (Elite World Records named him the First Person to Travel the World Penniless). Now he wants to share what he learned with us.

Helping others become confident, resilient leaders

Michael Wigge2These days, Michael’s real passion is helping others realize that what seems absurd or impossible just requires us to see things through a fresh lens. Through his coaching and workshops, he’s doing just that.

Maybe you’re afraid of rejection. How do you push the fear away and become comfortable with who you are and how others see you? Ask Michael! Or, perhaps your organization needs to change, and in order to do this, your staff needs to let go of some things and add some others. Michael can show them how to do this!

Listen in, learn how to see your challenges in a new way, and enjoy the ride.

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US website: my-challenge-coach.com/training

Germany website: my-challenge-coach.de/seminare

Los Angeles Times article: Michael Wigge is the ultimate budget traveler

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