139: Mark Samuel—Building Better Organizations For Amazing Growth

Mark Samuel explains how he helps people change and succeed!

My podcast guest today is Mark Samuel, execution and transformation expert, best-selling author, Forbes Coaching Council member and the CEO of IMPAQ Corp. Throughout the interview, Mark and I talk about areas of mutual interest and concern, namely, how to help organizations change. Frustrated with the challenges faced by people who truly hate to change, Mark created an approach that helps individuals in all stages of their lives step back and rethink what they are doing and how they can change bad habits into ones that get them where they want to go. Enjoy!

How do you get organizations to change?

Mark-Samuel-square-1Mark combines his degrees in organization development, applied psychology and applied statistics with over 30 years’ real-world experience to help CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs and really, all of us, achieve breakthrough results. His unique approach has helped guide organizations around the globe to higher levels of long-term, sustainable success, and he is frequently called upon to solve the challenges of corporate culture change, performance improvement, leadership development and managed teamwork.

B StateMark is the author of the award-winning book, Making Yourself Indispensable: The Power of Personal Accountability & Creating the Accountable Organization.”  His newest book, “B State: A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results,” launched in Fall 2018, is already an Amazon bestseller.

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