097: Bob Burg—Can You Be A Go-Giver To Get the Results You Want?

Listen now as Bob Burg teaches us how to talk to each other to get the results we want!

Today’s podcast brings you Bob Burg, internationally renowned author and speaker whose specialty is teaching us how to rebuild relationships so we can actually begin to like each other again. Isn’t there a better way to get along? What I loved about our interview was our discussion about Bob’s new book, The Go-Giver Influencer: A Little Story About A Most Persuasive Idea. We dig deep into the paradox of achieving what you want by focusing on the other person’s interests. Wow, pretty radical, right? And guess what, it works! To find out how and why, listen in.

Is this any way to communicate? Is this any way to live? 

Bob BurgWhether between family members, friends, employers and employees, politicians, political pundits, and—of course—tens of millions of people on social media, today’s discussions are no longer discussions but rather amped-up, hate-filled, vitriol-spilling diatribes and personal insults.

The result? No minds are being changed but rather, they remain stuck in the “echo chambers” of their already closely-held beliefs. Worse, friends are becoming enemies, discourse has shut down, understanding and acceptance are not being reached, and people feel downright lousy about everything. 

What else can you do? Is there another way? Yes. Bob’s parable, told in his best-selling Go-Giver Series, is a simple way to re-frame the problem and rewire how we work, talk and gather. His innovative approach all began when Bob and his co-author, John David Mann, wrote The Go-Giver and then their follow up, the bestselling business parable The Go-Giver Leader. Their books challenge the conventional wisdom about success. This podcast will challenge yours as well. 

How about getting back to speaking nicely to each other?

As Bob sees it, the problem of disagreeable communication is threefold:

  1. It’s Not People Disagreeing with One Another…
  2. It’s That They Cannot Disagree Agreeably, Civilly,
  3. And, Most Importantly, Persuasively! 

Go Giver bookHow to fix it? According to Bob, it’s all about the gift of caring that can make both you and the person you’re speaking with find personal happiness in such a way that all partiebenefit greatly, resulting in both immediate and long-term success. 

Says Bob, “You can get the results you want while making the other person feel genuinely good: about themselves, about the situation, and about you!” 

In our podcast, Bob takes us through the Five Secrets of Genuine Influence: 

  1. Master Your Emotions
  2. Step into the Other Person’s Shoes
  3. Set the Frame…and be ready to “reset” the other person’s negative frame
  4. Communicate with Tact and Empathy
  5. Let Go of Having to Be Right

A little about Bob 

Bob Burg speaks all over the world on topics related to The Go-Giver series, as well as what he calls Ultimate Influence™. While his total book sales number well over a million copies, his and Mann’s original book has itself sold over 700,000 copies and has spurred an international movement. To reach Bob, email him at bob@burg.com.

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