094: Matt Miller: Is Each Conversation a Possible Moment for You to Find Your Destiny?

 Listen now as Matt Miller talks about his “a-ha” moment!

In this podcast, I have the pleasure of sharing with you Matt Miller: entrepreneur, imaginative problem solver, creative innovator. You’ll be amazed at what he “saw” and how he converted his observations into terrific innovations—and you know how much we like to share these kinds of stories. After nine years in the Air Force as a pilot, Mike shifted to the medical device and advertising industries. But, he always wanted to be his own boss. Wait ’til you hear how he did it!

It all started with gumball machines

Matt Miller podcast

One day, a friend told Matt a story about his and his daughter’s gumball machines, and from this one conversation, Matt had a big idea. He saw how schools needed funds to provide programs for their students. Could vending, like gumball machines, open up an entirely new market space? After a 10-year-long business quest, Matt started his franchise company, School Spirit Vending. This is very Blue Ocean Strategy® and you will hear it in his podcast.

Right off the bat, School Spirit Vending was on the cutting edge of both the vending and school fundraising industries. Today, it provides a proven and profitable business platform for franchisees and busy professionals seeking to develop secondary income streams with a limited time commitment. 

I think the most powerful message Matt has to share is his enduring belief, and it’s a contagious one, that you should build a business that supports your life—not a life that supports your business. 

Enjoy our podcast and share the conversation.

During our podcast, Matt and I discuss: 

  • How he came up with his original, game-changing idea
  • The business model that has turned School Spirit Vending into a lucrative business for him and his franchisees
  • How he took School Spirit Vending into schools and created demand for his vending systems and unique fundraising method

To learn more about Matt and his business

You can reach Matt at matt@ssvbuisness.com. His website is www.ssvbusiness.com. And you can tweet him at @ssvbusiness. 

Additional resources:

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