092: Mike Scott—Creating A Culture Of Accountability

 Listen now as Mike Scott explains why accountability is so important to an organization’s success!

One of the reasons I love our On The Brink podcasts is that they give me, and you, the opportunity to learn from thought leaders, CEOs and consultants who want to help you see, feel and think in new ways so you can actually soar. This often means taking a look at your company processes and determining if they need changing, something that my guest today, Mike Scott, specializes in. Mike’s focus is accountability: why it matters and how it can really be the key to an organization’s success. How do you help a person become more accountable? Mike tells us! 

Mike ScottThe success of your business comes from the accountability and efficiency of your staff

To ensure your company operates at the highest level of accountability and profit, it must run like a well-oiled machine to maximize profits and stay competitive, Mike explains. Therefore, specific tools, efficient systems and disciplined processes must be implemented to create a highly productive work environment. This enables the CEO and management to establish and maintain checks and balances of accountability throughout all levels of the organization.

Yet, as Mike describes in our podcast, time and time again we see internal breakdowns, staff inefficiencies and lost customers because the right systems of accountability are not in place. To remedy these problems, he has a series of workshops on such topics as how to plan and develop projects for on-time completion, how to have fewer/shorter/more productive meetings, how to create a positive organizational culture, and how to interview and hire the right person every time.

A little about Mike Scott

Mike served in the U.S. Army for four years through the rank of captain, including a one-year tour of duty in Vietnam. He earned his BS in Business and his MA in Psychology from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. His experience includes professional executive recruiting, Manager of Recruiting and Training for Reed Tool Company in Houston, and Human Resources Manager for the Energy Banking group of RepublicBank, now Bank of America.

In 1984, Mike started his own training and development company and regularly speaks, designs and conducts training programs for both large and small companies, including McDonald’s Corporation, Ernst & Young, AAA and many others.   

In this podcast, Mike and I talk about:

  • Why accountability matters and how it can change an organization
  • How to create a culture of accountability in the workplace
  • The importance of choosing a date and time for every commitment
  • Tracking your life and planning strategically
  • Effectively saying “no”
  • Overcoming procrastination and tips for getting things done

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