041: Andi Simon—Women Entrepreneurs Changing Corporate Cultures

 Listen now to my podcast about how women are successfully leading businesses in new ways!

To coincide with Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (Nov. 19th), today I want to talk about how women entrepreneurs and female CEOs are quickly and substantially changing the workplace, building great success stories you can learn from. As you know, I launched this On the Brink Podcast to help listeners see things with fresh eyes. Along those lines, at SAMC we have been researching women business leaders in order to better understand how they are changing business culture for the better. Take a listenI know you’ll learn a lot!

Andi.pngMany of my interviews with women CEOs can be heard on earlier podcasts, and yet here, I wanted to share some of our insights. My hope is that these women will inspire you to think in new ways about the culture in the company you lead, the company you work for, or the one you may want to start in the near future. 

Did you know that 30% of businesses in the U.S. today are now owned and run by women? And that the number of women-owned businesses grew 45% from 2007 to 2016, compared to only 9% growth in overall businesses? Clearly, as women have taken on greater leadership roles in the business world, it’s paying off for both them and business.

But no matter the business, people are really what matters, and how they work together has a major impact on their professional and personal livessomething that women leaders particularly seem to understand. Every day, they’re proving that you can create a great place to work, staffed with people who want to help grow the business, not just do their jobs. After listening to the podcast, share with me your stories, please. Send them along to info@simonassociates.net.

In this episode, I talk about:  

  • Creating successful businesses by solving problems and addressing unmet needs 
  • How the rise of women entrepreneurs is responsible for the majority of entrepreneurial growth in the U.S., changing the face of businesses everywhere
  • How women approach business and how this differs from their male counterparts
  • Stephanie Breedlove’s belief that mentorship and communities of like-minded women grow successful businesses
  • Kim Sheperd’s view on building companies by balancing a process with creative collaboration
  • Tanya Hall’s outlook on over-communication, consistent growth and redefining traditional methods to create better businesses
  • How balancing gender, work/life integration and cognitive diversity help create effective businesses

Resources mentioned in this episode: